Dizziness can be caused by multiple problems and may include other symptoms like vertigo (when you or your surroundings are spinning), lightheadedness, unbalanced sensation, nausea and vomiting. After visiting your doctor to diagnose the exact cause of your dizziness, you may be referred to a physical therapist.

Based on the physical therapist's findings, a treatment plan is designed to your specific needs. Treatment for dizziness may include:
  • Vestibular habituation: These exercises are designed to help your brain recognize accurate signals from your inner ear and you are given a HEP (home exercise program) to continue these exercises daily.

  • Modified Epley Maneuver : After the physical therapist has identified which ear is causing the problem, you are positioned and quickly moved to side lying, keeping that position for several minutes until dizziness has subsided. You are moved back into a sitting position repeating the exercise on the opposite side for several minutes until any dizziness associated with that movement goes away. Patients who get relief from this treatment are often instructed to remain in a vertical position for 48 hours.