Balance Testing and Retraining

Balance deficits are a common concern with many individuals, but the risk of falling significantly increases as we age. Difficulties with balance can result from a wide range of impairments; such as: decreased sensory awareness, decreased strength, decreased endurance, increased spasticity, decreased flexibility, and impaired vision. Common conditions that result in difficulties with balance include, but are not limited to: Parkinson’s Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, strokes, and brain injuries.

We offer a wide range of techniques to help retain and improve balance including:
  • Biodex Balance System SD® 
  • Q-Pads (from the maker of the LiteGait®) 
  • Wii balance games 
  • Compliant and non compliant surfaces 
  • Balance beams, stepping blocks, stairs, stepping cones 
  • Balloon and ball toss against rebounder 
  • Obstacle courses 
Based on the results of your balance testing and a complete evaluation of ROM (Range of Motion) and strength, an exercise/balance program would be designed by a licensed physical therapist for your personal limitations. A detailed report will also be sent to your doctor.