About AK Fitness Therapy Center

We specialize in sprains, strains, post-op rehab, neuropathy, vestibular disorders and balance impairments. We treat a wide range of individuals including persons involved in auto accidents to persons with acute or chronic injuries. We accommodate a variety of lifestyles from the athlete to the couch potato, the worker to the unemployed or retired, and everyone in between.

Here at AK Fitness Therapy Center we are a hands-on physical therapy facility that includes a variety of modalities as well as mobilizations, massages, and other techniques that would help improve your condition. The treatment plan is outlined by you and the physical therapist in your initial visit and will be adjusted as your needs change. Just in case that doesn't win you over, here are a few more reasons why AK Fitness Therapy is the place for you:
  • Open til 7 pm three nights per week:
    Convenient hours for before/after work scheduling
  • You will see a Therapist EVERY visit:
    Everyone you see will be familiar to you and your treatment plan
  • No time limits on treatment:
    We take all the time we need! No time clock ends your session!
  • Quick and prompt scheduling:
    Little-to-No time waiting for treatment and Little-to-No time lapse in-between your initial evaluation and your first appointment.
  • Free gym membership:
    We offer 2 free months of gym membership at the end of your treatment to allow you to continue your strengthening exercises after the short time insurance gives you for therapy. We also offer your driver or significant other free use of the gym at no charge during your treatments.
  • Splints and Braces:
    Splints/Braces available in our attached DME facility and fitted by our Therapists.
  • Free Foot Evaluation with Diabetic Shoes:
    Foot Evaluation for peripheral neuropathy given with purchase of diabetic shoes


These aren't new perks, we've been doing it this way for the last 23 years that we've been open!


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